Gaza – A Humanitarian Issue

Gaza_Strip_map2.svgSince July 8, Gaza is under attack. It all began with the killing of three Israeli teenagers followed by the brutal murder and immolation of a Palestinian boy. The Hamas retaliated by firing rockets on to the adjacent Israeli territory. The rockets did no harm because these were effectively countered by the Iron Dome air defence system but the Israeli forces decided to silence those firing at them by launching a military campaign in Gaza. it began by an air and naval gunfire assault followed by a full fledged ground attack. During the past three weeks over a thousand Palestinians have been killed. These include children, women and the elderly.  About 30 Israeli soldiers attacking Gaza have died. This is a lopsided figure. The US president called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to express his concern on the killings of the civilians but did not ask him to stop the attacks. The UN Secretary General and the US Secretary of State John Kerry visited the area and asked the parties involved to exercise restraint. There was no threat of sanctions or more effective means to stop the carnage. The common folk all over the world reacted helplessly. There were demonstrations and condemnation. The Israeli invasion continued unabated resulting in indiscriminate killing of civilians hiding in UN shelters. Relief effort or whatever passes off as one is hampered by an acute shortage of food, water and medicine within the Gaza. The Palestinians are packed like sardines in this small strip of land with the Mediterranean on one side, surrounded by Israel towards the North and the East and just touching Egypt to the South. Israel has erected a barrier around this 40 by 10 km area, which is one of the most densely populated in the world. Some have described it as an open air prison. The Egyptians have added to the miseries of the Gazans by reinforcing the blockade. The tunnels that the besieged Palestinians had dug up to surreptitiously smuggle in essentials supplies have been mostly demolished.Mercifully a 12 hour truce enforced on the weekend has been extended by four hours. The Hamas undeterred continues to fire its primitive rockets before the hidden caches are seized and destroyed by the Israelis.

Gaza is an acute humanitarian crisis and begs urgent attention. There will be no solution if the humankind does not take the issue seriously. The callous indifference that the world leaders display today, particularly the Arab potentates will have serious consequences. If allowed to fester Gaza will breed a new generation of disgruntled and disillusioned young people, who will seek revenge through terrorism and other means. It is time to seek a solution to this man made disaster through humanitarian solutions, merely boycotting goods made by industries owned by Jews won’t help. People allover the world must force their leaders to stand up for oppression, whether it is Kashmir, Gaza, Burma, Afghanistan, Syria or Iraq, This moral stand should transcend race, religion and ideological borders. Lets make 21st century a safe place for our children.

One Comment on “Gaza – A Humanitarian Issue”

  1. Mian Muhammad Ayub says:

    Wel said. A good brief of Gaza situation. Request every one to read and pass on to other human being n stand up for the cause before we become the victim of our conscious

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