A near miss

I had a near miss tonight!

I had hired a metro cab to take me to the airport. Keeping in mind the uncertain security situation I had moved early to reach Chaklala in time. I settled down in the back seat looking forward to a circuitous but uneventful journey. It was past midnight as we moved beyond the MacDonald on Nazimuddin Road, when the cabbie braked and the taxi screeched to a halt. It was just in time to avoid a collision with a dark grey Toyota Corolla stuck in mud in the middle of the road. It was a dark night and neither the car nor the heap of freshly dug up mud was visible. The artificially created obstacle was covering the entire length of the road and was high enough to prevent any vehicle driving over it. Nazimuddin Road is one of the main arteries of Islamabad and is wide enough for a car to comfortably cruise at 80 to 100 kmph at any time of day or night. As we realized what a near miss we had broke out in cold sweat. It could have been a fatal accident.

It has now been over a month that our serene capital has been turned into a battleground.   Rowdy protesters belonging to the camp of Imran Khan and Tahir ul Qadri have kept the otherwise disciplined and somber denizens of Islamabad on edge. A visibly shaken government has used all kinds of tactics to make the movement of the marchers difficult. Their ill advised and haphazard knee jerk responses have only made the life of the man on the street difficult. Shipping containers have been used extensively and now mud heaps. Traversing an otherwise well laid capital city had become an ordeal since it was dug up for the grandiose Metro bus scheme a few months back.

I do not subscribe to the ideology of any particular party. The upstart and status quo forces have teamed up to add to the miseries of the people. I am a common Pakistani and only want stability in my country and normality in my city so that I can go about my business safely without driving into a container or a dark heap of mud at night.

Are the politicians inside the parliament and outside on the Constitution Avenue listening? Please resolve your differences quickly and lets get back to work. Our problems are too grave to be solved overnight. It needs concerted hard work and well thought out policies.